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Super Bowl LVIII was unforgettable thanks to a thrilling overtime victory by the Kansas City Chiefs over the San Francisco 49ers. While the ending stole the show, there were plenty of memorable commercials along the way.

Here are the 10 best commercials from 2024’s Super Bowl.

10. State Farm: “Like A Good Neighbaaa”

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of America’s greatest immigrant success stories. He came to the United States in 1968 and became a citizen in 1983. Along the way, he built himself into a champion bodybuilder, a top box office star, and the Governor of California. What a life.

In this spot, Schwarzenegger pokes fun at his heavy Austrian accent, struggling to enunciate “Neighbor” and instead saying “Neighbaaa.” Immigrants have many challenges when it comes to assimilation and trying to fit in is a challenge. One of the best moments of this commercial is when Schwarzenegger provides a callback to Predator’sGet to the choppa.”

9. Pringles: “Mr. P”

This one is silly, but sometimes ridiculous can be effective. A mustache-wearing Chris Pratt looks close enough to Mr. Pringles. We can roll with that. It’s also clever how Pratt tests the resemblance by using the image of Mr. Pringles to unlock his phone. This commercial was a happy accident. Pratt grew the mustache during the actor’s work stoppage and kept it on for a while. Someone at Pringles noticed and they decided to make an ad. As good as Pratt is, his supporting cast, including the dog, gives it a nice touch. 

8. M&M’s: “The M&M’s Almost Champions Ring of Comfort”

Everyone loves M&M’s commercials. The current campaign has enjoyed a long life and routinely makes enjoyable spots. This latest one doesn’t quite reach the heights of the hilarious movie trailer ad. But it’s pretty good and is boosted by having Dan Marino as the focal point. The candy celebrates the great athletes who never won a championship by giving them a “ring of comfort.” We’re surprised they didn’t go with Charles Barkley here. Maybe the Round Mound of Rebound was too pricey. Instead, we’ll settle for Marino, Bruce Smith, and Terrell Owens. There’s also a nice surprise cameo of Scarlett Johansson, a two-time Oscar nominee.

7. Uber Wats: “Don’t forget Uber Eats”

What’s a Super Bowl commercial without a nostalgia play? Former Friends costars Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer are back. (“We were on a break!”). Their Ross and Rachel characters are among the most beloved in sitcom history so it’s nice to see them together again. There are celebrity cameos, including Usher, the Beckhams, and Jelly Roll, who might have the best line (“Did someone doodle on my face?”). But Aniston and Schwimmer are the headliners. It’s great to see that they still have great chemistry. And even with the peanut allergy bit deleted, this is still a good spot.

6. Hellmann’s: “Mayo Cat”

You’ve got Kate McKinnon and a cat. What more do you need? McKinnon suddenly discovers that her cat can talk. Sort of. Maybe? McKinnon thinks the cat is saying “Mayo.” Her feline becomes a pop culture phenom, and McKinnon happily tags along on the celebrity tour. But this commercial does have a serious side. It’s trying to make viewers aware of food waste and how they can use Hellmann’s to turn their leftovers into new meals, which is laudable. The best part of this spot is Pete Davidson’s appearance, making fun of his frequent celebrity breakups (Mayo Cat Dumps Davidson!). It’s a solid joke with McKinnon saying to her cat, “You lastest longer than most.”

5. BetMGM: “Tom Has Won Enough”

We do this weird thing in sports where once a team or player has won multiple championships we get bored and start rooting against them. Instead of celebrating greatness, we become openly hostile to it. No living American is more synonymous with winning than Tom Brady. This spot makes fun of the seven-time Super Bowl champion with help from Vince Vaughn who has a connection to Las Vegas from Swingers. Here he’s fully embracing his Trent persona to get more people to use BetMGM. Now that major sports are in bed with the gambling industries, we’re going to see a lot more of these commercials. At least this one is funny.

4. T-Mobile: “That T-Mobile Home Internet Feeling

If you like your commercials to have a musical spin, this one is for you. Scrubs alums Zach Braff and Donald Faison team up with Jason Momoa and Jennifer Beals. Their parody version of Irene Cara’s “Flashdance…What A Feeling” is catchy. You’ll find yourself humming along after it’s over. Plus, it has a fantastic line from Faison: “Have some wings to chow!” Everyone in this commercial seems to be having a blast. Momoa has great comic timing and the commercial does a great job of ending on a high note with the Beals telling the muscular Momoa “Do it again with your shirt off.”

3. BMW: “Christopher Walken in “Talkin Like Walken”

Certain actors stand out above the rest. Their approach, look, and sound have become a brand that nobody can copy. Christopher Walken is one of a kind. Walken belongs to a small fraternity of actors who you can recognize just by their voice. Since it’s distinctive so many other celebrities have their Walken impressions. Kevin Pollack might do the best one. BMW features Walken in a commercial where everyone is trying to talk like him. In real life, that must be annoying. But in this commercial, it works as he encounters a valet, a drive-thru clerk, as well as others. Walken is unique and so is BMW.

2. Mountain Dew: “Aubrey Plaza Is Always Having A Blast”

Aubrey Plaza has perfected the art of deadpan delivery. Many of us were introduced to her hilarious dry wit in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and we have only grown to love her more. Mountain Dew smartly makes use of Plaza’s talents from the start, with her describing herself as “America’s Sweetheart.” Few actors can make us laugh with that kind of sarcasm. Then the commercial puts her in a series of undesirable circumstances, including being hit on the head repeatedly by foam pool noodles at a kids’ party, being stuck in an elevator, and being abducted by aliens. Plus this commercial reunites her with fellow Parks and Recreation star Nick Offerman. Awesome.

1. Google Pixel: “Javier in Frame”

This is just cool. Technology can make our lives easier and in some cases, it can improve accessibility. This Google ad takes us into the world of Javier, who thanks to Guided Frame on Pixel 8, can now feel confident about taking photos. The commercial, filmed by blind director Adam Morse is warm and fascinating. Morse, who lost his vision at 19, is believed to be the first blind person to direct a Super Bowl ad. This commercial explains how technology can help the visually impaired take photos, even selfies. So Javier can capture all of life’s precious moments, including the birth of a child. 

The Worst Super Bowl LVIII Commercial: Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s campaign ad

Regardless of your politics, this was a terrible idea. The decision to go with a retro-looking commercial was an odd choice. With this type of spot, the 70-year-old seems completely out of touch with younger voters. He’s trying to make America nostalgic for the 1960s, which were pretty turbulent times. What a waste of millions of dollars.

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