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NFL fans have lobbied for the Super Bowl to played on Saturday for decades, but Stugotz is claiming the take as his own, and certainly not Dan Patrick’s.

Last week, Patrick united NFL fans from sea to shining sea by claiming Super Bowl Sunday should be changed to Super Bowl Saturday. The prospect of watching the Super Bowl and still having one day left in the weekend to nurse their hangover has been a dream of fans for years. But after seeing Patrick’s spin on the take go viral last week, Stugotz was hellbent on reminding everyone that he said it first.

“Super Bowl Saturday. I mean, the ‘P’ in Dan Patrick stands for phony,” Stugotz ranted on The Dan Le Batard Show. “He knows good and well that I have been talking about that for many, many years. In fact, I talked about it two weeks ago with Chris Simms who agrees with me that the Super Bowl should be on a Saturday. I can’t believe that we’re finally having this discussion!”

“My other complaint is, when I say it, no one says anything,” Stugotz griped. “Dan Patrick says it and discuss it on his show and all of a sudden it blows up into big news.”

And now you know the power of Dan Patrick. When he said the Super Bowl should be moved to Saturday, the video garnered over 550,000 views, and the tweet of Awful Announcing’s post about Patrick’s suggestion was viewed more than 330,000 times. When Stugotz says it…well…Stugotz said it?

In defense of Stugotz’s power ranking in the sports media, it can’t be a story every time someone suggests moving the Super Bowl to Saturday. But Dan Patrick being Dan Patrick, saying it in the days leading up to the Super Bowl, in a year where fans already endured history after the NFL had its first streaming-exclusive playoff game ever, it had the legs to become big news.

But regardless of who gets credit for the take, Super Bowl Saturday is never going to happen. The NFL and its TV partners are never going to sacrifice the viewers that Sunday generates just so fans can have 24 hours to recover before going to work. The Super Bowl might destined for Presidents’ Weekend, but not Saturday.

[The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz]

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