Stugotz Aaron Rodgers Credit: Dan Le Betard Show with Stugotz

A fascinating reveal was made on Thursday’s episode of The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz.

Stugotz believed, at one time, that he was talking to NFL superstar quarterback Aaron Rodgers. But, as co-host Michael Ryan Ruiz pointed out, that was… not the case.

The show held court at Lake Tahoe this week, providing an interesting backdrop for this story. Ruiz began to spin a yarn about how Stugotz thought he was talking to Rodgers on Wednesday. But he didn’t because Stugotz talked to country music star Jake Owen instead.

“Stugotz didn’t talk to Aaron Rodgers. Stugotz thought country music superstar Jake Owen was Aaron Rodgers,” Ruiz said. “They had a 20-minute conversation.”

The clip provided a picture of what Owen looked like at the time. It might be easier to level with Stugotz about why he thought he was talking to Rodgers. As for how he felt?

“Identical twins, I mean, Jesus,” Stugotz quipped back.

Stugotz continued to talk about the moment. “Listen, I will never have the relationship with Aaron Rodgers that I have with the guy who I thought was Aaron Rodgers,” he said to erupting laughter. “I mean, that is the greatest conversation I have had with my quarterback.”

“The many different ways I must have creeped out Jake Owen… I was hugging him; I was patting him on the stomach, I’m like, ‘You’re my quarterback, you’re my quarterback.’ And Jake Owen’s going, ‘I am, I am’ because he’s started to sink into it. And I love you, Jake Owen, for doing it.”

Stugotz said he wasn’t embarrassed because his character allowed him to be like that. He was puzzled how Owen could keep up with it, jokingly punctuating that the encounter was “sexual in nature.”

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