JACKSONVILLE, FL – NOVEMBER 19: Julius Thomas #80 of the Jacksonville Jaguars is pursued by Zach Brown #55 of the Tennessee Titans during the first quarter of a game at EverBank Field on November 19, 2015 in Jacksonville, Florida. (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

The “color rush” uniforms NFL teams wear on Thursday Night Football have been called everything from “ugly as hell” to “blinding” to “hideous.”

And you can now add “garish” to this list.

In an official rule change proposal, the Washington Redskins requested that teams be allowed to opt-out of the color rush uniforms when playing on NFL Network’s Thursday Night Football. Under “reason,” Washington wrote simply, “garish uniforms.”

The color rush uniforms are almost universally hated, but in a way they do precisely their jobs: They get people talking about Thursday Night Football. Every Thursday during the fall you can go online and see thousands of people bashing the jerseys for being too bright, too condiment-colored or too barfy-looking. Apparently the NFL is into that.

The color rush jerseys seems like the type of gimmick we’ll look back on 15 years from now and chuckle at, shaking our heads at how we ever watched football games with those absurd colors. The only question is how many seasons of ketchup and mustard do we have to suffer through before then.

Interestingly, Washington’s only Thursday game in 2016 was on Thanksgiving, when the color rush promotion was on hold, so as far as we can tell the team has never actually worn the “garish” uniforms in question. And apparently it hopes it never will.

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