2024 Puppy Bowl features dog versions of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Photo Credit: Animal Planet

The relationship between Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce and music icon Taylor Swift has been a storyline featured throughout the season, and even more so ahead of Super Bowl LVIII on Sunday. The Animal Planet’s broadcast of the 2024 Puppy Bowl leaned into this with its own version of the couple in dog form.

If you ever wondered what kind of dogs Kelce and Swift would be, wonder no longer. The broadcast featured a Chihuahua/Chow Chow mix dressed in a No. 87 jersey by the name of “Travis Klawce” and a Shih Tzu named “Taylor Sniffed”.

Longtime ESPN broadcaster Steve Levy was on play-by-play coverage of the Puppy Bowl, introducing the “power pupple” with a joke about Kelce’s ticket sales rising thanks to Swift.

“It’s been reported that the sale of Klawce jerseys have doubled since they were first spotted in public. Quite the power pupple,” Levy said.

A number of other NFL players were referenced throughout the broadcast with slightly different dog names, including “Bark Purdy,” “Patrick Mabones,” and “Snack Prescott.”

As expected, plenty of Swifties enjoyed the reference to Swift and Kelce on the Puppy Bowl broadcast, taking to social media to offer their reactions.

Those looking to get away from the Swift-Kelce coverage by watching the puppy bowl weren’t able to do so. Unfortunately for them, they likely won’t be able to during Super Bowl LVIII either, as Swift’s presence is expected to be well-covered throughout the game.

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