Peyton Manning on Monday Night Countdown, screengrab via ESPN.

Sports insiders like Adam Schefter have a reputation of knowing everything when it comes to each major and minor transaction that goes on in their sport. These days, fans seem to be able to know everything before it already happens. Especially when it comes to game-time decisions, there’s usually always a source or two that will reveal who is active and who is not.

That’s why before the Seahawks-Eagles game on Monday Night Football, it was a shock that there was some legitimate mystery behind who would start the game for Seattle – an injured Geno Smith or backup quarterback Drew Lock.

And during the pregame festivities, Peyton Manning took notice and took a playful dig at Schefter for not having all the answers.

The extra drama and intrigue made it all the more intriguing when it was Lock who took the field for the Seahawks. And it paid off even more as the game took place and the backup quarterback led Seattle to a dramatic last-minute victory over the favored Eagles. After the game, the story got even better when Lock gave a fantastic, emotional postgame interview to Lisa Salters talking about when he learned he would be the starter and how his teammates rallied around him.

While insiders provide a lot of news that is valuable, sometimes maybe it’s best for fans to be surprised by what takes place every once in a while without knowing every morsel of information possible. Of course, unless you had a fantasy football matchup or other stakes that was hanging in the balance.