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Several former New England Patriots have come out in droves lately to criticize the popular Dynasty docuseries produced by Apple TV+.

Recently, Robert Kraft, Rodney Harrison, Devin McCourty, Matthew Slater, and Julian Edelman have voiced their displeasure over certain portrayals and aspects of the documentary series on the Patriots’ near-20-year run at the top of the NFL.

Edelman and Slater debated their issues with the documentary on Edelman’s Games With Names podcast. Edelman also revealed he had another problem with the docuseries on that show, specifically about former wide receiver Wes Welker.

Welker and Edelman have a bit of a connection to each other through the Patriots dynasty years. The Pats famously got Welker, a former Miami Dolphin, to become Tom Brady’s slot receiver in the mid-2000s. What happened next was something few expected. Welker went on to not only become the best slot receiver in the NFL, but he also arguably helped change the game for slot receivers to give them even more prominence.

Edelman essentially “replaced” Welker after he went to the Denver Broncos.

Edelman didn’t mince words talking about Welker and his portrayal of head coach Bill Belichick. After coming to Belichick’s defense over his portrayal in the entire documentary, the former Kent State star spoke his mind about Welker’s role in the film.

Via the New York Post, Edelman said, “Welker’s out here saying like Aaron Hernandez got away with murder — figuratively speaking — at practice; that’s not even true. Welker painted the picture that he [Hernandez] was like the king, like he got to do anything.”

Edelman continued. “I remember Bill motherf—ing Aaron all the time. Come on, Welk. Trying to make up stories. We know you don’t like Bill,” he said.

After Slater batted the conversation down, Edelman added, “I love him too, but it’s clear he hates Bill.”

The griping over this docuseries only appears to be heightening, not slowing down.

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