Tom Brady Tom Brady at a NFL preseason Raiders-Cowboys game in 2023. (Tim Heitman/USA Today Sports.)

It seems conspiracy theories are everywhere these days, from rumors about the British royal family to speculation about disasters in Maui and Texas, there’s plenty of crazy to go around in today’s Wild West of social media.

Now, some NFL fans claim there is a conspiracy rooted in Super Bowl LII. That game was featured recently in the new Apple TV+ docuseries, The Dynasty: New England Patriots, which premiered Feb. 16. The series covers the team’s glory years under head coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady.

Super Bowl LII did not end well for the Patriots, who lost 41-33 to the Philadelphia Eagles. The most iconic play in that game, and one of the greatest plays in NFL history, was the “Philly Special.” The Eagles ran a trick play to free quarterback Nick Foles to catch a touchdown pass from tight end Trey Burton.

Now for the conspiracy part: In a replay of that touchdown featured in the series, broadcaster Al Michaels calls “Caught! … touchdown!”

Todd Orodenker first sparked all the conspiracy talk on X/Twitter by pointing out that in the original NBC telecast, Michaels called the play “Caught! Foles! Touchdown!”

Here’s a better clip of Michaels’ original call, with Foles’ name clearly audible.

So clearly, Foles’ name was edited out. That raises the obvious question. Why? Some fans are blaming one man for the change — Brady.

The Patriots quarterback was understandably not happy after that loss, and refused to shake Foles’ hand after the game. And his tiff with Foles didn’t end there, as he also refused to greet Foles a few years later after his Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost to Foles’ Chicago Bears.

Although Brady helped create the AppleTV+ series, he’s not known to have participated in any editing. Could he have mentioned something to someone, and had Foles’ name removed? That’s theoretically possible, but really, it’s hard to imagine Brady doing that. Even making the request would come across as extremely petty.

Fans had plenty of thoughts on the issue.

Frankly, Brady has much more important things to occupy his time as he prepares to begin his color analyst role with Fox Sports for the 2024 season.


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