Barstool Sports is presenting a Super Bowl show on Comedy Central this week. Despite that show, the NFL isn’t pleased with Barstool because of its Deflategate sit-in at NFL headquarters way back in May of 2015, and pulled the outlet’s media week credentials on Monday.

Somehow, this story gets even more bizarre, via PFT.

The league pulled Super Bowl week credentials from Barstool Sports employees, forcing them to cancel scheduled appearances on Radio Row, including a planned spot on PFT Live today.

The reason? Four Barstool Sports employees once organized a sit-in at the league offices to protest Roger Goodell’s handling of Deflategate, and when they refused to leave, they were arrested. The league said it doesn’t credential people who have been involved in such antics.

“Been involved in such antics.”

Super Bowl Media Day has been a gong show for years upon years. Plenty of controversy erupted in 2014 when Marshawn Lynch barely participated. In the same year, international media showed up dressed like Mozart, Waldo, and a variety of superheroes. The NFL also got huffy when the UFC showed up at Media Day with a title belt and asked if players wanted to pose with it.

The characters are fine. The stupid questions are fine. But God forbid an outlet cross the NFL – that’s a paddlin’.

All this is going to end up doing is make Barstool turn the screws deeper and deeper into the NFL and Roger Goodell, and there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, this might end up helping Barstool’s brand even more, bringing attention to something that no one would have even batted an eye at.

Also, props for the “FIRE GOODELL” sweatshirt during the Comedy Central show on Monday.

Barstool’s response was about what you’d expect, and was accompanied by some tweets from PFT Commenter, who made his way into Media Day anyway, despite the lack of credentials.


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