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It’s safe to say Mark Schlereth is not a fan of Jerry Jones after the recent Trey Lance trade. The longtime NFL voice and former Super Bowl champion offensive lineman for the Denver Broncos blasted the Dallas Cowboys and their owner days after the blockbuster deal. Not just for the transaction either. Jones reportedly didn’t communicate with head coach Mike McCarthy, nor did he talk to quarterback Dak Prescott about the deal.

Schlereth talked about the move on his Stinkin’ Truth podcast. It is fair to say that he delivered that truth part, alright.

“Well, let me just be very clear on this,” Schlereth started before rolling ahead. “This is why … this is why the Cowboys will never win sh*t. Because Jerry Jones can’t help himself.”

He didn’t stop there, either.

“I said it, it’s there. You think about Jerry Jones. You’re gonna go out there, and you’re gonna make a trade for a guy without talking to anybody else in your organization? Stephen Jones? Your head coach, Mike McCarthy? Your quarterback?” Schlereth said. “Listen, I don’t really care if you involve your quarterback or not. But to not involve your head coach? What does it say about your head coach?

“‘Hey guys, I know he’s your head coach. But he truly has no authority in this organization, so you don’t have to listen to him. You don’t have to pay attention because the buck stops with me. Your coach doesn’t have the authority to fire you, I do.'”

The radio host claimed you couldn’t win in the NFL that way because a player might think differently at the first sign of trouble after he was emasculated.

Schlereth cited Joe Gibbs and Mike Shanahan as two coaches who led with authority, who you “never thought” about crossing them because “they’d fire you in a heartbeat without thinking about it.” Schlereth ripped Jones for constantly “blatantly disregarding” his coaches and considered it a reason they “won’t win anything.”

“Oh, they may win a bunch of regular season games because they’re talented. But they’ll get in the playoffs, and they’ll sh*t in their helmets like they do every year. That’s the Cowboys.”

Schlereth also said that if Lance arrives as the player who Brock Purdy usurped might leverage Prescott into wanting more money. He said he didn’t think that “anything” Jones did here was helpful to the Cowboys.

Schlereth closed the segment by saying “I don’t believe in the organizational structure that they have. I don’t believe it’s conducive to winning a championship.”

Dallas hasn’t gotten to the NFC Championship Game since 1995.

[Stinkin’ Truth Podcast]

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