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Most of the CBS audience watching the end of the Buffalo Bills vs. Detroit Lions game on Thanksgiving got to see Josh Allen lead his team quickly down the field in the closing seconds before Tyler Bass hit a 45-yard field goal to seal the victory and continue Detroit’s ongoing string of Turkey Day disappointments.

That was not the case for those watching on KHOU, the CBS affiliate in the Houston market. With 23 seconds left in the game, they cut away to inform viewers about a tornado warning in the area. Since they did not use picture-in-picture or split screen or a scrolling bar along the bottom of the screen, viewers missed the game-winning field goal, leading to some disappointment for those who had watched the entire game up until that point.

Audiences appeared to be torn based on the social media reaction. On one hand, a tornado warning certainly warrants cutting into an NFL game in order to educate viewers about potentially dangerous weather situations. Local TV stations have a care of duty to warn viewers about situations where their lives could be imperiled.

On the other hand, many locals felt that the warning didn’t rise to the occasion of cutting away from the game entirely, especially when they could have put the remainder of the game in the corner of the screen. At the very least, while many understood the need to cut to a tornado warning, they would have appreciated some kind of split-screen option.

KHOU certainly heard the complaints and meteorologist Tim Pandajis even took to Twitter to explain why they decided to cut into the game.

“My apologies folks but I have a responsibility to get on the air and stay on the air through the duration of a tornado warning,” wrote Pandajis.

As many others in the television industry noted, KHOU has an obligation to share this news with its audience. But if they could figure out how to go picture-in-picture next time, they might save themselves from a lot of headaches and mean tweets.

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