The All Madden documentary.

Fans who missed Fox’s All Madden documentary on Christmas Day will have an opportunity to watch the John Madden film after the New Year.

As reported by The Streamable, All Madden will be available on a variety of streaming platforms including ESPN+ and Peacock. If you don’t have or aren’t interested in a subscription with either of those services, the documentary will also be available for free on Tubi.

Fox owns Tubi, so it probably shouldn’t be a surprise that All Madden will be available there. Yet it’s a bit curious that the documentary won’t be available on Amazon Prime or Paramount+, considering their partnerships with the NFL. Perhaps neither wanted to promote a Fox property.

Though the documentary received plenty of promotion during Fox’s NFL game and studio coverage, and co-director and executive producer Tom Rinaldi has made the rounds to promote the film, All Madden wasn’t sent out to many media outlets for advance review. (Or maybe we’re just saying that because we didn’t receive an advance screener here at Awful Announcing.)

Perhaps that was a smart strategy; just promote the documentary to the fans who will want to watch it. But the film could’ve gotten a bigger push to casual fans (or maybe even non-football fans, though that might be a stretch) and passing on that opportunity seems curious.

Directed by Tom Rinaldi and Joel Santos, All Madden largely focuses on John Madden’s career after coaching 10 seasons in the NFL (which included a Super Bowl championship and a 103-32-7 regular-season record) and an eventual spot in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Not only was Madden widely viewed as the best TV analyst in football — and probably all sports — but he made a significant impact on the video game industry with the game bearing his name.

In addition to archival and never-before-seen footage, the documentary features interviews with a variety of football stars, coaching peers, and broadcasters. Among those appearing include Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Troy Aikman, Joe Buck, Al Michaels, Bob Costas, Howie Long, Michael Vick, Joe Montana, Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid, Peyton Manning, Lawrence Taylor, Bill Parcells, and Roger Goodell. Also interviewed are Madden’s wife and two sons, along with Madden himself.

Those who watched All Madden on Christmas Day shared positive reviews on social media:

Look for All Madden streaming on ESPN+, Peacock, and Tubi beginning Jan. 3.

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