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It might be time for Colin Cowherd to embark on another Chicago sports media tour after reprimanding them in his latest hot take.

Monday afternoon, Cowherd mocked Chicago media members for continuing to hype current Bears quarterback Justin Fields despite his three largely disappointing seasons in the NFL. This comes while the Bears are wrestling with whether to use the No. 1 overall draft pick on consensus top prospect Caleb Williams or stick with Fields as their starting quarterback.

“The Chicago media all season long tried to defend him, elevate him, protect him, promote him. Maybe they’re watching Ohio State film,” Cowherd said of Fields before citing the quarterback’s career stats in the second half of seasons. “You know what that is? The guy I keep comparing him to. Zach Wilson. But New York media never defends Zach Wilson. They call it as they see it, as they should. I respect that. Chicago media, ‘This guy deserves another year.’ He is, in the second half of the year, Zach Wilson.”

New York doesn’t deserve credit for losing faith in Wilson; he’s made that very easy for them. In 2022, Fields had 25 total touchdowns and garnered an MVP vote. Wilson has 28 career touchdowns and has been benched during each of his three NFL seasons.

But Chicago media isn’t alone in defending Fields. In his farewell Football Morning in America column Monday morning, Peter King wrote that he believes the Bears will trade the top pick and keep Fields. It should be noted that King is a former member of the “call it as they see it” New York media. And contrary to Cowherd’s rant, not all Chicago media is defending Fields. Last week, ESPN 1000 radio host David Kaplan labeled Fields a “coward” for unfollowing the Bears on social media.

“The New York media calls it the truth,” Cowherd continued. “The Chicago media has been protecting him and buying into this, ‘We really like him.’ Stop it. Come on. You’re not hoisting a trophy.”

Earlier this month, Cowherd claimed Caleb Williams didn’t even want to get drafted by the Chicago Bears. If true, this should be enough for some Chicago media to convince themselves that trading the pick for a massive haul is the right move. But after receiving updated information from Williams’ camp, Cowherd walked the report back and went on multiple Chicago sports radio shows to address the Bears quarterback situation. If only those same media members knew Cowherd felt they weren’t speaking the truth on Fields.

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