Mike Florio and Chris Simms on PFT Live.

Football can lead to plenty of injuries and plenty of bruises, but some are a little more, uh, graphic than others. On Pro Football Talk Live Thursday, co-host/NBC Notre Dame studio analyst/Bleacher Report NFL analyst Chris Simms told Mike Florio how a hit he once took from long-time Patriots’ defensive tackle Vince Wilfork led to some long-lasting impacts for him:

“Vince Wilfork hit me in my pelvic bone one time, Mike, and I got a black-and-blue above my genital private areas there. My genitals were purple and yellow for like two weeks. Can you imagine that? Like, taking off your pants and going ‘It’s the L.A. Lakers down there, what the hell’s going on!’ I was so beat up after that game, it was unbelievable.”

Well, that’s certainly unpleasant-sounding. And it provides a whole new way to consider the Lakers’ color scheme.

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