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Former NFL quarterback turned media commentator Cam Newton and San Francisco 49ers star Deebo Samuel have been involved in a back-and-forth beef on social media regarding 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy. And it doesn’t look like there is any end in sight to the drama at the moment.

Newton started the controversy by calling Purdy a “game manager” earlier this month, a statement most consider to be an insult considering how much success the team has had this season with him under center.

The 49ers of course fell to the Baltimore Ravens on Christmas Day in a game where Purdy struggled heavily with turnovers.

Newton then doubled down on his stance, tweeting out a “monocle” emoji during the game on Monday night to let people know that he believed he was right in his assessment of Purdy.

Newton’s opinion of Purdy appeared to get under the skin of Deebo Samuel, who aired out his grievances with Newton during an appearance on the Up & Adams Show on Wednesday, defending his quarterback in the process.

“First of all Cam Newton stop texting my phone,” Samuel said on the show. “You wanted me on your podcast like two weeks ago after talking about my quarterback, which is funny to me.”

It’s understandable how Samuel feels this way if Newton was actually asking for him to come on his podcast while also talking negatively about Purdy.

However, Newton claimed in a video posted on Twitter/X on Wednesday that he doesn’t have Samuel’s number, even telling him to leak the number out to everyone if there was proof that he did indeed have it.

“Deebo, my guy. Been a fan, still a fan. You must stop the cap bro. You said something like Cam stop calling my phone. I don’t have your number. Whoever calling you, that is not my phone calling you. It was so believable I had to go back and say did I reach out to Deebo? That s*** was believable.

“I don’t have your number to call you or reach out to you. And if I do, put it out there for people to see. I want the receipt. Maybe somebody was reaching out to you that I don’t necessarily know. But it wasn’t me homeboy. I know you’re emotional about the loss and you’re defending your teammate. As you should. I’m still a fan, you feel me.”

Regardless of who called who or who didn’t call who, it is pretty safe to say that there are still some negative feelings here on both sides over Newton’s comments on Brock Purdy…

[Cameron Newton on Twitter/X]

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