28-3 score during Super Bowl LI Photo credit: NFL on YouTube

The Golden State Warriors lost to the Boston Celtics in historic fashion and it led to the Atlanta Falcons and their fans getting roasted Sunday afternoon.

Boston beat the Warriors by 52 points after jumping out to an incredible 82-38 lead at halftime. Yet it may not have been Warriors’ fans who were most frustrated while watching the game. With Boston enjoying runs of 61-17 and 23-1 during the laugher, it was the 28-3 run that caught ABC play-by-play voice Ryan Ruocco’s attention, subsequently ticking off any Falcons fans who were invested in the Celtics-Warriors blowout.

“Joe Mazzula’s team since the six-minute mark of the first quarter has outscored the Warriors 28 to three,” Ruocco said on the broadcast. “Which, thanks to the Falcons, is a number that they like hearing around these parts.”

Boston likes hearing it, but Falcons’ fans are surely getting tired of it. There’s often a notion that losing a Super Bowl is worse than not getting to the game in the first place. While a debate can certainly be had about whether it’s better to have played in the Super Bowl and lost than to have never played in one at all, it’s hard to imagine many Falcons’ fans and players are finding many benefits from taking part in Super Bowl LI seven years ago.

It’s hard not to start feeling a little bad for the Falcons and their fans continuously getting roasted for the epic 28-3 collapse. And maybe Ruocco felt that considering he skipped the opportunity to call out the Falcons the first time 28-3 was referenced on the broadcast.

Shortly before citing Boston’s 28-3 run, Ruocco read the Celtics home record, which at the time was 28-3. In Ruocco’s defense, it may have been even more egregious if the broadcaster didn’t shout the Falcons out from Boston after dropping two different 28-3 stats in the span of about 15 minutes.


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