Adam Schefter and Craig Carton Adam Schefter and Craig Carton

Adam Schefter compared Craig Carton to tabloid journalism after the FS1 host claimed to know why the Philadelphia Eagles collapsed last year.

During his Tuesday morning show on FS1, Carton implied there was some irreparable rift within the Eagles locker room last season, noting that he knows what that problem was but opted not to share it on national TV.

“It was a problem that would splinter any group of men,” Carton said. “It is a real significant problem and it cannot be fixed. I will tell you that. I’m not going to tell you anymore than that, but I know what the problem was. I know they’re trying to fix it, and I don’t think it can be fixed.”

Carton went so far as to claim the issue might lead to a prominent player getting moved off the team this offseason. The vague report made its way to Philadelphia, where the morning host on 97.5 The Fanatic, John Kincade, asked Adam Schefter if there was any truth to the rumor about an irreparable rift dividing the Eagles’ locker room last season.

“I don’t even know if the National Enquirer would write something like that,” Schefter said to dismiss Carton’s claim quickly. “I texted somebody in the organization yesterday and I’m like, ‘What is this?’ The text back, the quote was, ‘None of that S-word happened.’

“That’s what qualifies as a report. You can just go say whatever you want and it gets clicks and people hear about it,” Schefter continued. “Was somebody with another player’s woman or something? Who knows, I’m just telling you somebody in the organization was pretty adamant yesterday that none of that happened.”

Shortly after The Fanatic tweeted Schefter’s response to the rumor, Carton ranted about Philadelphia sports fans, a group he regularly has had an axe to grind with. Carton went on to call Eagles fans “sheep” for believing Schefter that there is no issue inside their locker room.

Schefter equating Carton’s report to tabloid journalism comes almost exactly one year after the FS1 host accused ESPN’s lead NFL reporter of being a “mouthpiece” for teams.

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