Adam "Pacman" Jones swears on Pittsburgh radio Adam “Pacman” Jones in the fall of 2022.

It’s not surprising for fans of any particular NFL team to face some offseason criticism. But there is generally an expectation that that will reflect what actually happened on the field. And that did not happen this week, with former NFL cornerback Adam “PacMan” Jones being wildly inaccurate about the New Orleans Saints:

As Sigler notes in that piece, Jones got quite a bit wrong:

“Let’s just look at this, y’all allowed 27 points against the Falcons, who was a subpar team,” Jones began, misreading the score from the Saints’ season-opening 27-26 win in Atlanta. He continued down the list, continuing to get scores wrong: “The Seahawks, you allowed 39 points. The Bengals, you allowed 30 points. To Arizona, you allowed 42 points. Let’s keep going, since you want to talk (expletive) about what I’m talking about.”

The Saints were the team that scored 39 points in their 39-32 win over Seattle. 12 of the Cardinals’ points in that game were scored on defensive interception returns, not their offense. Cincinnati averaged 26 points per game and was a Super Bowl contender who made it to the AFC title game. What does he think that proves?

So it’s certainly interesting to see this continued commitment to inaccuracy from Jones.

[John Sigler on Twitter]

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