Aaron Rodgers on The Pat McAfee Show

The continuing saga of “As Aaron Rodgers Turns” is seemingly taking another angle. There was momentum in March that the Green Bay Packers quarterback was on his way to the New York Jets via trade. But a month later, it appears that momentum has stalled.

According to Yahoo Sports NFL reporter Charles Robinson, it was Rodgers himself who has apparently given Jets team owner Woody Johnson cold feet over pulling off said exchange. Meaning that it was Rodgers’ appearance on The Pat McAfee Show which led things to go uphill rather than downhill.

Appearing on ESPN Milwaukee’s Wilde &  Tausch Show earlier this week, Robinson called the impasse over Rodgers between the Jets and Packers, “a ridiculous standstill.”

Robinson further explained that the draft picks the Packers want is giving the Jets some pause:

“The Packers are holding out for what they want right now and that’s a problem I think with the Jets and more specifically with Jets ownership. So where it is, Green Bay is stuck on an asking price of a two this year, a straight-shot one next year, so no graduation schedule attached to it, and they would be willing to do the 2025, some sort of a draft asset give back if for some reason Aaron Rodgers doesn’t play in 2024. And the Jets, and Woody Johnson specifically, are just not going to do it. That’s why this is sort of sitting where it is.”

And who is responsible for why this is still up in the air?

“… What happened was … you know .. they sort of had trade parameters worked out and then when Aaron went on ‘Pat McAfee’ and said ‘I’m ninety percent retired’ or ‘I was ninety percent retired when I went into the darkness retreat,’ I think it scared Woody … that was one of those things that scared him.”

So, the Packers’ asking price appears to be way too high for the Jets, and the Jets in turn seem to be skeptical on whether Rodgers is even going to play in 2023. Who knows where this is going?

This story continues to have legs, and it’s slowing to a massive crawl.

[Sports Illustrated; Photo Credit: The Pat McAfee Show]

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