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Vaccines, politics, football, bowel movements…Aaron Rodgers will talk about it all. Just don’t ask about his bedroom.

Rodgers joined WFAN’s Boomer Esiason and Gregg Giannotti Tuesday morning as the radio hosts broadcasted from New York Jets training camp, and during the interview, the quarterback was asked about his recently purchased house. Earlier this month, the New York Post reported Rodgers purchased an eight-bedroom, 10-bathroom home in New Jersey.

Sounds like a lot of space for a bachelor and Giannotti couldn’t fathom having to furnish a house that large.

“I have a lot of stuff from other places I’ve lived that I’ve incorporated,” Rodgers said, implying he wasn’t about to make a trip over to the nearest Ikea in search of eight-bedroom sets.

Giannotti proceeded to ask how he decides what furniture to put in bedroom number six and which goes to bedroom number seven, prompting Rodgers to end the banter.

“Listen, I’m not gonna talk about where I live,” Rodgers answered seeming somewhat agitated by the chatter about his new home. “There’s enough **** out there already.”

So, there is a line for Rodgers. Bedroom furniture. CBS Sports Network dumped the clip because Rodgers said “sh*t” which is why we don’t have video of the exchange. The audio did, however, make it on WFAN’s stream, which you can hear around the 4-minute mark of the podcast above.

Would Rodgers be equally hesitant to talk bedroom furniture with Pat McAfee? The show where Rodgers has established himself as a polarizing personality over the last three NFL seasons? Rodgers has not talked about furniture with McAfee, but he did speak about room décor on ESPN once, controversially alluding to Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged on the bookshelf behind him.

While Boomer and Gio attempted to go inside Rodgers’ bedroom, WFAN’s morning show passed on asking about the time social media duped him into believing Esiason reported he planned to boycott the Super Bowl in protest of the NFL’s COVID-19 rules. Despite erroneously blaming WFAN’s former NFL quarterback for spreading “fake news,” Rodgers and Esiason must have buried the hatchet enough to do radio interviews.


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