Fake recruit Unique Brissett II

On Monday, word came out that Unique Brissett II was visiting Michigan State. But the thing is, later on Monday, word also came out that Unique’s very unique recruiting process wasn’t real at all. Now the fake recruit is loving his ongoing 15 minutes of fame.

Over the last year, Brissett has been reportedly fielding offers from top college football programs such as the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, University of Miami, and the University of Maryland. The thing is, other players were receiving offers from those schools and not Brissett.

From our Monday piece on the topic: as Land of 10’s Luke Srodulski noticed, the images Brissett tweeted out from his visit to Michigan State on Monday looked identical to the pictures offensive tackle Cody Carone tweeted when he visited the Spartans in February.


Well one thing led to another and Brissett had to delete his Twitter account that was really just a year-long catfish scam. Despite getting criticized for the stunt, Brissett laughed his way to an interview with The New York Post:

“It was easy. I don’t think it was hard at all,” said Brissett, who said he would’ve simply stopped after a while if no one was giving him the attention — either for being a real hotshot prospect or for being a fake hotshot prospect.

“I was laughing. I was too hype,” Brissett said about the moment his story fell apart.

The only way his life has changed is a phone that won’t stop buzzing. He briefly pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes, and has he learned anything from this whole charade?

“Not really.”

Its hard to be annoyed by Brissett laughing at his whole scam blowing up, especially because he wasn’t scared to use his own name. After all, Brissett isn’t the only one getting attention for this. The terrible college football recruiting process got some solid attention too.

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