during the Goodyear Cotton Bowl at AT&T Stadium on December 31, 2015 in Arlington, Texas.

There is a reason why college football is so beloved all over the country. The local ties are deep and the amount of time invested can be vast. Plenty of ticket resale sites take advantage of the popularity of the sport and make buying and selling tickets easy. It turns out though that one fan isn’t so happy about it.

“You know, these Spartan fans that think they can sell their tickets to Michigan, shame on em’ that’s all.”

That was the response from a teary eyed Michigan State fan “Tom” that called into “Staudt on Sports” on 730 WVFN, after the hosts were discussing the uphill battle that will be the Big 10 in the years to come.


This is one passionate fan. It can be upsetting as a fan to see your team not get better but this is a little overkill. The hosts even acknowledge the emotion shown after the call is over. Even going as far to say that it is “troubling.” Yikes.

To be fair to “Tom” the prices to this game are nearly quadruple every other ticket price that is out there right now.


The people of East Lansing are making some money and if they can do it off of some Michigan fans, why not? Just make sure not to tell “Tom” first.

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