The ongoing feud between University of Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh and the media went to previously uncharted territory this week with quite the troll job in their weekly game notes. In response to a battle over Michigan’s refusal to provide an updated roster to, for whatever reason, the game notes for Michigan’s season opener against Florida finally provided a roster for media members.

But there was a catch. The “2017 Team Roster” was actually a listing of former Wolverines currently in the NFL.

Here is a cleaner look at the page in the game notes for this week’s game provided by Michigan…

This is something you would expect to see in some sort of recruiting material Michigan hands out or mails to prospective student-athletes, but this was as close as Michigan flipping the bird to pesky media members as possible. Do you want a roster? HERE’S YOUR ROSTER! LOL!

For those who have not been staying up to date with your daily dose of Harbaugh, recently reported it was battling to get information regarding Michigan’s roster for their Big Ten preview coverage. The media outlet called Harbaugh’s refusal to share a roster his “latest silly limitation,” and the company went so far as to submit a FOIA request to obtain scholarship information while continuing to be frustrated by Michigan’s football website staying out of date with the 2016 roster. Entering the first week of play for Big Ten teams, Michigan remains the only Big Ten team not to release a 2017 roster. Such a move is odd, to say the least.

And so here we are, with Michigan playing with the media rather than providing the information that should be included in a set of weekly game notes. Some people will criticize Michigan and Harbaugh for playing these kinds of games with the media, which is probably fair at this point in time. However, this could also be the last laugh Michigan has before getting back to regular business. Once the game is played this weekend, the roster will be out there for everyone to see with players in jerseys with their names on their backs on the field and on the sidelines.

Unless the point of those ridiculous all-maize uniforms was to make it more difficult to read the player names…

Wait a minute…

That rascally Harbaugh!


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