ESPN’s Marty Smith was slated to be the sideline reporter for the Louisiana-Appalachian State game on Friday. However, he wasn’t there for the long-snapping snafus that made the game memorable, leaving those who might not have heard about his predicament to wonder where he’d been.

Given the current climate and ongoing pandemic issues, the most logical conclusion was that Smith was dealing with COVID-19 or was in contact with someone who had it. Earlier in the week, he posted a photo of an immunity shot full of ingredients such as turmeric and orange juice on Instagram, which only seemed to drive the speculation further.

Sure enough, Smith took to Twitter and Instagram on Friday to confirm that he had indeed tested positive and was dealing with the “no joke” symptoms.

“After I posted the photograph last night on Instagram of that immunity shot that I took, with all those very distinct flavors…pepper and turmeric and orange juice and whatever else was in it…a lot of you guys made the correct inference that I have COVID-19. That is accurate. I do. I started having symptoms a week ago…and other than a few minutes I’ve been in my bedroom since. I have all the symptoms that you’ve read about for months. A throbbing headache that will not go away. I can’t taste. I can’t smell. I’m dizzy. I have a lot of congestion. But all that said, I am starting to feel a whole lot better.”

Smith said that he’s looking at “three or four more days of isolation” but he expects to be back on the sidelines next weekend. He’s also continuing to appear on the Marty & McGee Saturday morning radio program.

Smith added that COVID has “kicked my ass” and reminded viewers to mask-up and stay safe.

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