Shaun White won his third men’s halfpipe gold medal tonight. He did so on his final run in which he needed a monster run to move up from second place. It made for great TV for NBC.

But the cherry on top of this moment was White belting out a few quite audible swear words as he celebrated the moment with his dad.

Oh yeah! White in an emotional state fired off back to back “We fucking did it!” lines with his dad in a real moment that 93% of people won’t give a shit about. However this is on NBC and there are rules and people are dumb and so yeah some viewers and NBC are not going to be too happy about this.

I don’t think you can blame White. Like right now, if something great happened to you, I think a lot of you would let some expletives rip. Do you.

Perhaps NBC could have had a few second delay. Before his final run in 2010, White found himself in a similar situation when his coach offered some solid last-minute coaching instructions.

Via ScreenerTV (a site not cool enough to have video that additionally censored the fucking swear words):

“You freaking send that thing. And make sure you stomp the s*** out of it,” Keane said, referring to White’s signature trick, the double-McTwist-1260 (and, no, it does not get old listening to sportscasters say “double-McTwist-1260” over and over). He then stressed his pleasure at White’s performance with a heartfelt and eloquent, “Way to f****** go, man.”

To recap, Shaun White is really fucking good at snowboarding (perhaps better than the unlocked alien character in Cool Boarders 2). He’s also really fucking good at having highly viewed moments on NBC in which people swear on network TV. Both of these things are fucking impressive.


For the replay, NBC faded out the audio and faded in with some music to cover up the profanity. (Lipreaders still got the full story, though.)

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