The reviews were not great for Jac Collinsworth, Jason Garrett or the NBC broadcast of Saturday's USC-Notre Dame game. Photo Credit: NBC A graphic mislabels which team scored a touchdown in Saturday’s USC-Notre Dame game. Photo Credit: NBC

The classic rivalry between USC and Notre Dame was front-and-center in the college football world on Saturday night. That also meant that NBC’s Notre Dame broadcast team was front-and-center.

Unfortunately, the reviews were not great.

This was Notre Dame’s fifth game of the season on NBC (or its streaming service, Peacock). The first two were predictable blowout wins, with the Fighting Irish beating Navy 42-3 and Tennessee State 56-3. The third was on Peacock, a streaming service which led to a state senator representing Columbus pushing for a law that would legally require games to be shown on traditional television, apparently feeling that one Peacock-only game is such an inconvenience that it should be prioritized over other matters.

The fourth game was the instant classic against Ohio State. And while it was a Notre Dame home game, NBC elected to use its Big Ten announcers. So, while every Notre Dame game is nationally televised, Saturday night was the first time that NBC’s Notre Dame broadcast team, led by announcers Jac Collinsworth and Jason Garrett, was truly in the spotlight this season.

Garrett reminded everyone of his career as a head coach when he said “Believe it or not, I think you gotta consider this four-down territory,” referencing a third-and-17 that USC was facing from deep in its own territory. On the surface, that seems like a bold statement. But given that roughly five minutes remained in the game and the Trojans were down 18, it wasn’t exactly a “believe it or not” moment.

And that was far from it. The game being a blowout might have caused some fans to turn it off a little earlier than expected. But both Garrett and Collinsworth were panned throughout the night.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the coup de grâce came a few minutes later from the graphics team. Notre Dame scored the game’s final points on a scoop-and-score by Xavier Watts.

The graphics team, though, identified it as a USC score. Not only were six points added to USC’s total on the score bug but as the camera panned over to the celebrating Notre Dame bench, a graphic popped up that not only said USC scored, but specifically, that it was a “Scoop N’ Score” for the Trojans.

Saying it was a USC touchdown is one thing. The Trojans were on offense and that’s when most touchdowns are scored. It’s much harder to get a “Scoop N’ Score” on offense, though.

On the positive end, we did get Garrett shouting out Ice Spice after the Saturday Night Live preview.

That couldn’t have been on too many bingo cards. The Fighting Irish have two more games on NBC this season.

We can only hope that those go a little more smoothly.

[Photo Credit: NBC]

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