Maria Taylor and Jason Garrett fist bump

Sunday night, Jason Garrett made an uncomfortable attempt to give a first bump, which unfortunately was not reciprocated, leading to an awkward moment for him.

For those who missed the painfully awkward sequence on Sunday Night Football, here’s a recap: At halftime, the NBC broadcast team bid farewell to studio host Maria Taylor, who is going on maternity leave. Their send-off included blue balloons (she’s expecting a boy) and a video greeting that brought tears to Taylor’s eyes.

She then shook hands with analysts Chris Simms and Devin McCourty on either side of her. Garrett, sitting at the end of the desk, extended his fist for a fist bump and waited … and waited. With no return bump from Taylor, he gave up.

The sequence lasted less than three seconds but seemed like an eternity for fans who winced at the awkwardness of the moment.

If you watch the clip, it appears Taylor held her hand out toward Garrett in a symbolic fist bump. Really, what was she going to do, jump up and rush over to Garrett? She’s eight months pregnant.

The former ESPN personality has served as host of Sunday Night Football for three seasons. She and her husband John are expecting their first child in January. And while Garrett didn’t connect on the fist bump, he left a touching message in the tribute video.

β€œMaria, so excited for you and John. We love you guys,” Garrett said.

But Garrett’s “missed bump” did not go unnoticed on social media.

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