Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi

WNBA legends Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi have earned a huge promotion in the basketball world. reports the two hosts of The Bird & Taurasi Show alt-cast will do their first NBA game, covering the Milwaukee Bucks-New York Knicks game at noon on Christmas Day. The alt-cast will be available on ESPN2 and ESPN+.

It’s a big step up for the duo, who have drawn attention for their alt-cast the past couple of years involving NCAA women’s basketball games, including the Final Four.

Special guests for their NBA debut will include actor Jason Sudeikis, Tyrese Haliburton and Breanna Stewart.

Bird and Taurasi won’t have to worry about production, as that’s handled by Peyton Manning’s Omaha Productions, which thanks to its popular ManningCast has made these alternative broadcasts the latest trend.

For those not familiar with Bird and Taurasi’s alt-cast, they obviously know the game, but they clearly have fun, and you never know what the guests are going to do. Here’s an appearance by rapper Lil’ Wayne earlier this year. He appears to be … well, draw your own conclusions.

And guests such as Stephen Curry and Bill Walton have made memorable appearances.

Bird, 43, one of the greatest players in WNBA history, retired in 2022. The 41-year-old Taurasi, who has won five WNBA scoring titles and five Olympic gold medals, has played her entire career with the Phoenix Mercury.


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