Steph Curry Mike Breen Warriors star Steph Curry honored ESPN’s Mike Breen’s “double bang” call of one of his most famous shots with his latest shoes.

On February 27, 2016, the Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder played one of the best regular season games in NBA history. The Warriors, chasing the NBA record 73 wins, fell behind against the Thunder. But Golden State got back into the game and forced overtime. In overtime, Steph Curry broke a tie with a three-pointer from just across midcourt. It was immortalized by ESPN’s Mike Breen’s “bang bang” call. The first came as the shot went in. The second came seconds later.

Seven years later, Curry honored Breen’s call with a pair of his new shoes — the Curry 2 Bang Bang PE Retro. Curry delivered the shoes to Breen in person. That also included a video message.

“Hey, Mike. I’m hoping this video finds you in good spirits, my man. As I get ready to release the Curry 2 Bang Bang PE Retro for the first time ever, I realize there’s no way we can drop these without the involvement of the man who gave these shoes a nickname seven years ago. You’re the first person to get these in hand. We got a double bang and call in 2016, before it’s all said and done, I think I need a triple bang call from Mr. Mike Breen himself.”

Curry then did his own version of Breen’s call before saying “All love, man. Enjoy the shoes and I appreciate you.”

Breen saw the shoes, then embraced Curry. He also shared a message of gratitude, saying “It’s an honor calling his games. And to have him say I have a small part of it means more than he knows and more than you can imagine. Thank you.”

[Photo Credit: Stephen Curry]

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