Dan Wade has carved out a nice little space for himself in the world of professional baseball, covering the Minnesota Twins for Twins Daily. Still, in terms of overall notoriety, he is quite a ways behind the most famous of the D. Wade’s, Dwyane.

This would seem to be a minor issue for Dan, but his Twitter handle, @Dwade, is ripe for cases of mistaken identity from inattentive Twitter users trying to reach Dwyane. And let’s be honest, this is Twitter we are talking about. Is there any other kind of user?

As you can imagine, when big news breaks involving Dwayne, Dan is going to hear about it. So, when Dwyane announced his shocking departure from the Miami Heat to the Chicago Bulls Wednesday night, Dan was in for an entirely new level of harassment on Twitter.

At least he has a good sense of humor about his predicament.

He even retweeted some of his more… interesting… mentions.




It’s not really a mention, but Wade also did say a comment about the other D. Wade made him jealous:

Although, if he was hoping to keep the number of his mentions down, his initial tweet may have backfired. More than a few users decided to clog up his mentions with comments on just how full they would be.


Here lie Dan Wade’s mentions, February 2008 — July 6, 2016. May they rest in peace.

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