Draymond Green Credit: The Draymond Green Show

One way you know Draymond Green is becoming a sports media professional is that he is doing exactly what the rest of the industry does: whine about guest booking.

Green, who broadcasts with TNT Sports and hosts a self-titled podcast for The Volume, did not take too kindly to the news that NBA legend LeBron James launched a new podcast with JJ Redick this week.

“I must say I am a little upset that LeBron James is going on a podcast and he still hasn’t been on The Draymond Green Show,” Green said on his latest episode. “But when it’s your own thing, you kind of can’t say anything.”

Green said he was excited to check out the show, but also slyly added he knows James and Redick “aren’t afraid to hear themselves talk.” It takes one to know one, eh Draymond?

To be fair to Green, he has been at this for a while and shares an agent with James. The two have significant shared history after four NBA Finals battles that would be great fodder for a podcast conversation.

At the same time, it’s not as if James is out here guesting on any old show that wants him. James has not sat for a longform interview that was not produced by his own company in years.

What Green’s admission really illustrates is the pecking order of athlete podcasts. If Green wants to hop on the mic with James, it’s now clearly going to have to happen on Mind the Game. Green missed his window.

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