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Many people can get cranky when they lose an hour of sleep as clocks move forward for Daylight Savings Time.

That one-hour DST time change happened overnight Saturday into Sunday, and sure enough, Los Angeles Clippers Bally Sports SoCal announcer Brian Sieman got cranky calling Sunday’s Clippers-Milwaukee Bucks game at Arena.

Yet he had a very good reason to be upset. The Clippers had played the Chicago Bulls in a game that started 1 p.m. Los Angeles time Saturday. Sunday’s game started at noon local time. Add in the time change, and those start times were 22 hours apart, making an already brutal back-to-back pair of games even worse.

During the second quarter Sunday, Sieman roasted the NBA schedule makers for the situation.

“[Whoever] made that schedule possible should be ashamed of themselves,” Sieman said. “It’s a 22-hour turnover for the Clippers. Day games on the back-to-back are difficult period, whether they’re in December or January. They gave the Clippers a back-to-back day game situation the day of Daylight Savings Time, and then they bumped the game up an hour. It’s 22 hours between tip-offs, which goes against NBA protocol.

“A shameful scheduling situation and those responsible should be embarrassed. I’m being very honest,” Sieman concluded.

Fans agreed with Sieman’s remarks — that was a ridiculously short window during the DST weekend. If the NBA is going to schedule back-to-back games those days, at least adjust the start times.

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