Recently many sports leagues have offered single-team and single-game features to go along with their full season subscription packages. The developments are a godsend for people who want to just watch their favorite team without having to pay the larger price for the entire league.

For the NBA League Pass, you can do both of these things. In fact, subscribing to a single game will cost you $6.99. This single-game package has only been around for a couple of years so it’s smart for the NBA to promote it on national television.

What isn’t smart is using the Los Angeles Lakers to do so. Here’s TNT advertising a random $6.99 Lakers-Bucks game and Charles Barkley and company pleading with America not to get ripped off…

It’s weird because this doesn’t apply just to the Lakers-Bucks game. In fact, you can go online and buy any game from Friday night from the NBA just for $6.99. Like Golden State-Memphis or Atlanta-Sacramento or even New Orleans-Minnesota. You would think it’d be better to promote your relatively new pay-per-game option with a game people would actually want to watch and not one that’s going to be immediately ripped to shreds.