Eddie House has funny line during Boston Celtics broadcast Photo credit: NBC Sports Boston

Eddie House doesn’t always call games for the Boston Celtics, but when he does, he’s almost sure to say something that will leave the audience laughing.

House was on NBC Sports Boston’s broadcast of the Celtics and Utah Jazz Tuesday night. And midway through the third quarter, House appeared really impressed when Collin Sexton hit a jumper to bring the Utah Jazz within eight points of the Celtics.

“He’s relentless,” House noted after watching Sexton find the hole. “He just keeps coming and coming and coming and coming and coming and coming. He never bends.”

And if that quote sounds just a little crazy to you, know it sounded that way to House as well. “I know that sounds crazy,” House immediately admitted.

His “He never bends” is where the commentary really came to a head. But even with that, reading the text doesn’t do the quote enough justice. House’s commentary needs to be heard. Play-by-play voice Drew Carter didn’t laugh out loud, but after a brief pause he was keen enough to note, “If Shaquille O’Neal were on this broadcast, he’d be laughing.”

Carter’s right. O’Neal loves to point out a sexual innuendo, whether it’s on purpose or accident. Shaq lost it at Charles Barkley for saying things like “He never got a tight end like me,” or “I’m kind of juggling two balls.” O’Neal absolutely would have been laughing at Sexton excessively coming and a quick search on Twitter will show that he wouldn’t be alone.

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