The Miami Herald dropped the ball big time on Wednesday. In a story about an MMA fighter attacking cops after being arrested on domestic violence charges, the Herald named the fighter as long-time UFC star Nate Diaz.

One problem: it wasn’t Nate Diaz, and his agent quickly attempted to set the record straight.

The story was quickly edited and a correction was issued, but Diaz’s camp isn’t happy and has stated that they’ll explore legal action.

A rep from the Miami police department also called the Herald’s story “erroneous”.

The Herald “apologizes for the error,” but you can’t put the damn genie back in the bottle.

The story on the Herald’s website also leads with this blurb about their incorrect reporting.

In an initial version of this story, the Miami Herald incorrectly reported that mixed martial arts superstar Nate Diaz had been arrested in a domestic-violence case. The Herald apologizes for the error.

Furthermore, the story still spends two paragraphs talking about Diaz, shining a light on the Herald’s flawed reporting.

The Herald, based on information from a law enforcement source, initially reported that the suspect was Nate Diaz, 34, one of the most recognizable stars for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. While Colina confirmed that a martial arts fighter had been in a tussle at the police station, it wasn’t Diaz.

Zach Rosenfield, Diaz’s spokesman, said Diaz has been in California since the Tuesday after the Super Bowl and was not involved in any altercation. Diaz, most recently fought and lost against rising MMA star Jorge Masvidal during the headline bout at UFC 244 in November, is one of the sport’s biggest names.

The actual fighter arrested was a man named Michael Nates, a Miami native who hasn’t fought since 2012.

I need to reiterate how awful of a flub this is for the Herald. If you’re a media outlet and you’re going to name someone involved in an incident, you’d better make sure you’re right. If you incorrectly identify someone, your credibility is going to fall into the toilet – and that doesn’t even take the potential legal ramifications into consideration.

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