Don’t do it, Vin!

Following his retirement after the 2016 MLB season, baseball fans and media (and sports in general) have missed the voice and wisdom of legendary Los Angeles Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully. Apparently, the Hall of Famer has also been getting the itch to share his thoughts with an audience again — and intends to do so on social media.

As reported by USA Today’s Bob Nightengale, Scully is doing the proverbial blast into social media, launching Twitter (@TheVinScully) and Instagram (@TheVinScully) accounts, along with a Facebook page (under “Vin Scully”) on Wednesday. He’s also launching a YouTube channel next week and a website,, in October.

Vin will be an influencer in no time with that kind of online blitz. Although he may have to join TikTok to really move that needle.

As delightful as it might seem for Scully to join social media, the idea of him diving into the cesspool of online discourse brings a sensation of dread as well. Sure, Twitter and Facebook still have some fun moments for users, and Instagram can be a nice escape if you’ve curated your followers list well and don’t attract terrible comments. But is Scully aware of just how mean, toxic, and argumentative social media can be? Has he… read the comments?

“I will not use Twitter for any controversy in any shape or form,” Scully told Nightengale. “I’ll be very, very careful what goes out. It’s too volatile of a world. I don’t want anyone mistaking what I originally meant. I won’t get into any arguments, but if I feel necessary to chime in, I’ll do it.”

Hey, we all try to be careful, Vin. But just… be careful out there.

Scully’s jump into social media is intended to be more of a celebration and archive of his 67 years in broadcasting. Many of his memorable calls will be posted on his accounts, along with photos, quotes, and landmark moments from his storied career. Hopefully, he can work a good story in there as well. (Maybe a joke too, although that’s where some of us get in trouble.)

Don’t we miss a good tale, a warm dose of history from Vin Scully? Maybe he can elevate and smooth out social media’s treacherous terrain.

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