Perhaps more than any other pro athletes, baseball players are a superstitious bunch. Everything they do, from the route they take to the ballpark, what they eat and what they wear can often be determined by how well they are playing individually or how well the team is playing. And in some cases, they insist that it goes beyond the team itself.

Tricia Whitaker, a sideline reporter for Friday Night Baseball on Apple TV+ as well as for the Tampa Bay Rays on Bally Sports: Sun was on Foul Territory with hosts Scott Braun, Todd Frazier and Erik Kratz. She detailed that the Rays players insisted that she wear different color clothes during a losing streak.

“On days that the Rays lose, I get told I can’t wear that color anymore that week. So, like I wore pink for like a few games where they lost. I walked in the clubhouse the next day and the guys were like, ‘You will not be wearing pink.’ And I’m laughing but they’re like, ‘No, we’re serious.’ You can’t wear pink for the rest of the week.’ I’m like, ‘You guys are nuts.'”

“You gotta be like, ‘Hey. Play better. OK. Just play better. Get back to me. I never lost on my broadcast. My broadcast wins every night.'” Braun said.

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