During Monday’s game between the San Francisco Giants and Colorado Rockies, Kelsey Wingert, a reporter for the Rockies station, AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain, was struck by a foul ball while sitting in the Colorado dugout. Two days later, she provided an update on her status.

On Monday, AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain tweeted that Wingert was “doing well under the circumstances.” On Wednesday, Wingert sent out a more detailed update, thanking those who helped her and also sharing that a CT scan came back clear.

After the foul ball, Wingert was seen standing and walking while receiving medical attention. So, as bad as it was, it definitely could have been a lot worse.

Things like this are an unfortunate risk in the game. Major League Baseball has extended netting down the foul lines at every park but that primarily protects the fans. There’s no netting that protects the dugout and the surrounding area, where Wingert was. And when a ball is hit at 95 miles per hour, there’s not a lot of time to react.

This isn’t the first time it’s happened to Wingert. While working as a sideline reporter for the Atlanta Braves and Fox Sports South in 2018, Wingert was hit by a foul ball and suffered a broken eye socket. Hopefully no more foul balls go Wingert’s way when she returns to her sideline reporting duties.

[Kelsey Wingert]

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