A "home game" broadcast from the Oakland Athletics.

With most sports postponed or canceled thanks to the COVID-19 coronavirus, many in sports media have been changing what they’re working on. That includes broadcasters, with some, like Fox’s Joe Buck, even pivoting to calling play-by-play of everyday moments. The Oakland Athletics have put their own unique twist on that, getting their regular broadcasters to call packages of “games” based on submitted footage of people playing baseball. Here’s their initial request from last week:https://twitter.com/Athletics/status/1241056998499778560On Wednesday, the Athletics’ account released several remarkable videos of their broadcasters calling submitted footage:https://twitter.com/Athletics/status/1242888988672827392https://twitter.com/Athletics/status/1242904096115286016https://twitter.com/Athletics/status/1242919184171798528https://twitter.com/Athletics/status/1242934284643688448https://twitter.com/Athletics/status/1242949383739420673This is a great idea, and a great execution of it. It’s awesome to hear Vince Cotroneo breaking down what happens when third base blows into the pool, and Glen Kuiper weighing in with “How ’bout the slow trot around the dinner table?!” Credit to the Athletics for coming up with a fun way to keep their broadcasters interacting with their fans during these times.[Oakland A’s on Twitter]

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