Live bat during Mets-Nationals game Photo credit: SNY

Come to SNY to watch the Baby Mets, stay for Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez giving advice on how to kill a vampire.

The bats came alive at just the right time for the Washington Nationals Wednesday night as they overcame being shutout for six innings to notch a walk off win against the New York Mets. And just as the Nationals were forging their comeback, a second type of bat came alive.

No, it was not the Dark Knight, he’s in real estate now. It wasn’t a wooden bat, it wasn’t Matt Harvey, it was a real bat. During the eighth inning, SNY cameras found a live bat sitting on the fence behind home plate at National Park, sparking an interesting discussion between broadcasters Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez.

“Here’s the thing about bats and bats, if you carve a bat just properly you can make it into a stake,” Cohen noted. But was he talking about carving a wooden bat into a stake or a live bat into a steak? Turns out it was the former.

“And bats are associated with vampires,” Cohen continued. “And if you drive a stake through a vampire, you take them out.”

“Yes, you can,” Hernandez chimed in to confirm the stake method can take care of any vampire problems you might have at home or at a ballpark. But if driving a stake through the heart of a vampire isn’t your preferred method of execution, Hernandez has backup options. “Also, garlic is a great deterrent and the crucifix.”

Even with Mets fans having to endure their most disappointing season in decades (which is saying a lot), they can still take solace in knowing the SNY broadcast booth will never disappoint for as long as Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling are sitting behind microphones.


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