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There’s nothing weird about using the restroom, everybody does it. But everybody also tries to avoid announcing it on national television.

Sunday night, during MLB Network’s coverage of the MLB Draft, current analyst and former Colorado Rockies general manager Dan O’Dowd accidentally announced he was going to take a bathroom break on a hot mic.

O’Dowd’s hot mic moment occurred about two and a half hours into the broadcast, after host Greg Amsinger teased the show’s upcoming content and noted, “We’re not close to being done.” With Amsinger adding that there were still 70 more picks to be made, O’Dowd’s voice could be heard telling a producer, “I’m gonna go to the restroom.”

Not that he really needs any defense, but in O’Dowd’s defense, the MLB Draft broadcast was very long. Anyone who was watching the MLB Draft probably used the restroom at some point during the first two and a half hours of the broadcast. And they probably used the restroom again during the 70 picks after nature called for O’Dowd.

The blunder wasn’t that the MLB Network analyst had to use the restroom. Once we got to a point where Stephen A. Smith is openly talking about his own farts on a podcast, there’s officially nothing weird about needing to use the restroom. The blunder was that the MLB Network analyst announced needing to use the restroom without realizing his mic was still hot. But he’s far from the first to do that.

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