ESPN’s graphics department must be trying to squeeze in as much air-time as possible because their latest visual might be their slowest ever.

SportsCenter showed a graphic of the Washington Nationals and San Francisco Giants facing off against each other and the amount of distance between the two series. It’s standard stuff really. So, why would this be newsworthy? Because the tease showed was one of the slowest graphics I’ve ever seen. I’m not being hyperbolic, check it out for yourself.


ESPN might have needed to fill 30 seconds in the segment, so deciding to make the graphic longer accomplished the goal – but the presentation is equivalent to watching molasses drip out of a jar. It’s excruciatingly slow.

I sped up the clip at four times the speed it aired. It looks closer to how it should have aired initially. Heck, it could still be a little faster.

Overall, the sped up graphic cost the segment 21 seconds. If this was a time-filling tactic, it would explain a lot. Otherwise, it’s not visually appealing. The concept is fine and has been done many times in the past, but the visual just drags on and on for 30 seconds. It’s far too long. Aren’t there highlights to show?

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