Tigers reporter Johnny Kane

Broadcasting live among the fans always poses a risk, sometimes they’ll try to eat your pork chop, other times they’ll drop f-bombs.

Wednesday night, Detroit Tigers reporter Johnny Kane had to deal with the latter during his live hit on Bally Sports Detroit, and he did so with epic poise. Coming back from a commercial break to start the bottom of the fifth inning, Kane was in the stands talking about the prospect of the Royals moving from Kauffman Stadium for a new venue in downtown Kansas City. About 10 seconds into the segment, a nearby Royals fan could be heard dropping two very audible f-bombs, ending with “F*ck Detroit!”

Recognizing this was no hot mic accident, as it was clear the fan was attempting to get the f-bombs out over the Bally Sports Detroit broadcast, Kane put his reporting on pause.

“Hang on fellas, sorry for that man, sorry about that. Doggone it,” Kane said, clearly seething at the raucous Royals fan. “We apologize for the language you guys heard there at home.”

Every single person who ever dropped an f-bomb where they shouldn’t, either in front of a teacher, parent or superior, received the same scowl that Kane directed at the fan. The look probably even resembles the one Mets manager Buck Showalter gave to Pete Alonso after he screamed “Let’s ******* go Mets” during a live interview last week.

But credit Kane for taking a breath, expressing his anger with a scowl and a “doggone it,” before regaining his composure to finish his live hit. An entertaining segment by a consummate professional.

[Bally Sports Detroit]

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