A hole in the roof at Toronto's Rogers Centre put Monday's game in doubt.

Things aren’t going so well for the Toronto Blue Jays’ Twitter account.

There’s been an incredible wave of postponements thanks to weather across Major League Baseball this year, with 22 through Sunday (the second-most MLB has had through April since 2000, with the month only half-over), and so the San Diego Padres decided to show off their good weather Sunday and declare that their game would be on.

The Jays’ account then tried to follow suit Monday thanks to the Rogers Centre’s roof, but then had to delete that tweet after their own game came into question thanks to falling snow and ice from that roof and from the neighbo(u)ring CN Tower.

Here’s a look at some snow and ice falling from the Rogers Center roof, which would be a concern for anyone trying to enter the building:

The ice falling from the CN Tower is no joke, either, as its 1,815-foot height means that can do a lot of damage:


And that ice appears to have poked a hole in the Rogers Centre roof:

That hole, and some of the other damage caused by falling CN Tower ice, can be seen in this Global News video:

The hole led to the tarp being brought out there in right field. And it’s not just a question about the field conditions, but about safety for people trying to get to the game; the CN Tower itself has been closed and the area around it cordoned of. And, as TSN’s Scott Mitchell relayed, the nearby sidewalks around the Rogers Centre also look terrible, and carry “falling ice” warnings:

And that roof will have to be repaired, and workers need safe access to it.

This marked the first time the CN Tower has been closed to the public since the northeast blackout in August 2003. And it may mark yet another weather-related hurdle for the Jays, who had games in Cleveland rained out both Saturday and Sunday. The Royals also had their home game Sunday against the Angels postponed thanks to weather, and they have the rare distinction of being the Jays’ opponent the last time a home game was cancelled thanks to roof issues:

But this goes to show that even a roof isn’t always proof against the weather (as the Jays’ fellow Toronto sports team could tell them; the Raptors’ playoff game Saturday was delayed thanks to a leaking roof at the nearby Air Canada Centre). And that tweeting about how great your conditions are can be a recipe for some future problems.

Sure enough, the game was canceled later in the afternoon.

[The Score; photo from Kaitlyn McGrath on Twitter]

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