The Baseball Hall of Fame vote can really turn the media into some terrible people. From leaving people off to including people over others who shouldn’t to not voting for anyone in their first year of eligibility, many who vote for the Baseball Hall of Fame float their own agendas over actually voting for someone based on on-field play.

This year, two NYC based Newsday writers already revealed that they¬†voted only for Derek Jeter this year. There’s no doubt Jeter deserves to be in the Hall of Fame but to only vote for Jeter, for whatever selfish reason they have, is dumb and only puts the media as a whole in a bad light.

On the other side of the “only voting for Derek Jeter” argument is those who aren’t going to vote for Jeter. Insert whatever reason you want but this is just as asinine as only voting Jeter. As of Christmas Eve, Ryan Thibodaux’s HOF vote tracker shows Jeter on 56 of 56 ballots revealed so far but we almost saw someone screw up the 100 percent possibility.

ESPN Deportes’ Felix DeJesus cryptically revealed on December 11 that he wasn’t going to vote for Jeter, in addition to Raul Ibanez and Andruw Jones.

Considering this original tweet got zero replies for nearly two weeks, DeJesus needed to make a more obvious attempt to get the necessary attention from outraged baseball fans. So as a pre-Christmas gift to the baseball community, he revealed his entire ballot where nine names were checked and Jeter’s wasn’t one of them.

This finally cracked the code to get people pissed off. Within minutes, DeJesus was being criticized for his non-Jeter ballot. And then DeJesus revealed 15 minutes later it was a joke and added Jeter as his 10th and final vote.

It’s unknown whether this was a joke from the start or just a way to get attention for not voting Jeter while voting for Jeter. Either way, the joke wasn’t that funny so maybe Felix should either leave the jokes to the professionals or be more obvious that he was joking. Because while DeJesus didn’t become the first to not vote Jeter, someone is probably going to leave him off for some stupid reason so DeJesus can’t be that upset people thought he was serious.

For whatever reason, at least DeJesus is voting for Jeter so at this point, Jeter is still in the running for a 100 percent result. At least for now.

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