Alex Rodriguez has been acting weird in the public eye for nearly two decades now.

For example, you might remembrer when he made out with his own reflection in a photoshoot for Details (!!!) magazine. That was all the way back in 2009, which somehow seems both very long ago and also not that long ago.

A-Rod has done some television work over the past few seasons, serving as a studio analyst for Fox Sports during the postseason. He’s now working as a color analyst for a select few MLB on FOX games, and made his debut tonight on FS1 for the Yankees tilt at Kansas City.

All of this is fine! Except for that @MLBonFOX tweeted out a shot of A-Rod in the booth prepping for the game, which included a peek at his game notes. Which contained, well:

Let’s go ahead and take a look at that last screenshot specifically:

Under “Child:”, he’s written a bullet point list that includes “Birth control”, “Baby”, and “Pull out stuff”? Though it could be “Pull nut stuff”, which, and though it’s shocking to me that it’s somehow possible, actually kind of fits in with the context as well.

Just…what is this? If it were anyone but Rodriguez, we could almost assume it was some kind of prank, but as it’s him, we have to think that maybe he was just idly thinking about birth control, or maybe his game notebook is the same one he uses with his weird therapist, and this was some kind of “free association” exercise. (An explanation that isn’t exactly exonerating, although if I’m honest, and someone asked me the first thing that came to mind if I heard “child”, birth control might not be too far down the list, so I’m not going to crush him for that one.)

Regardless, what a perfectly A-Rod way to kick off your first game in the broadcast booth.

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