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If you live outside the intersection of sports and tabloids, you may have missed that Michael Jordan’s son Marcus Jordan and Scottie Pippen’s ex-wife Larsa Pippen are dating. ESPN talking head turned Meadowlark Media host Pablo Torre did not miss it, and booked the couple for an interview in one of the most bizarre segments of the year in sports media.

Torre used Tuesday’s episode of Pablo Torre Finds Out to walk viewers through the couple’s history — dating back to their obvious ties to the 1990s Chicago Bulls — and then aired an interview with the couple.

However, while there have been a handful of viral moments from the interview and some fascinating quotes, Torre and guest host Charlotte Wilder (and likely the audience) were struck by just how reasonable the couple came across.

“Aesthetically it probably doesn’t look good,” Pippen said of the peculiarity of their relationship. “Just to hear of it, it doesn’t resonate well with people.”

As for Jordan, the relationship has been pretty straightforward as well.

“The main thing from my dad was, ‘you’re a grown adult,'” the NBA GOAT’s son said. “Ultimately as long as I’m happy, he’s happy. He’s never intervened in my dating life prior to Larsa, and he’s not going to start now.”

Asked what brings them together aside from the shared history in the NBA, Pippen said geography.

“I feel like we have a lot in common, maybe because we’re both from Chicago,” she explained.

When it comes to the last name after a marriage (the couple is engaged), Jordan was direct.

“The wedding day she’s Jordan and then any kids, Jordan,” he said.

Jordan also went viral for extending the invitation to his father to be the best man at the wedding.

The couple professed their awareness for just how strange the dynamic is. They get why onlookers would joke or question the legitimacy of their love. And they don’t care.

“It’s awkward. It’s weird. I get it. But to us, it’s not weird,” Pippen explained. “I get how it’s weird to other people because our names are like, basketball history.”

Soon, the couple’s connection will air on The Real Housewives of Miami in the show’s upcoming season. Until then, they are trying their best to lay low and be an open book when needed.

“We’re not out to prove anything,” Pippen said. “If the question arises, then we’ll address it.”

Jordan and Pippen have been the subject of intense scrutiny since pairing up last year. Neither Michael nor Scottie has directly addressed the relationship, though Michael has indicated he doesn’t fully approve.

With a double-digit age difference and both of their relationships to fame, it’s reasonable to wonder about the full story. If sports media ever bothered with the rags, this would be the biggest story in sports.

So Torre went ahead and made it so, bringing his journalistic scruples to sports’ biggest mystery. Salute.

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