Had the Minnesota Vikings defeated the San Francisco 49ers on Saturday in the NFC Divisional Round, the winner of Sunday’s game between the Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers would have hosted the NFC Championship next week. Alas, the top-seeded Niners handled their business in a 27-10 win over the Vikes and will host next week’s game regardless of who wins today.

Don’t tell that to Q13 Fox, which serves the Seattle area. Either due to a miscommunication or because somebody wrote the wrong script, they reported during their 9:00 p.m. Saturday newscast that the Vikings had won and the Seahawks controlled their own destiny for hosting the conference championship game.

So, whoever wins tomorrow will play the Minnesota Vikings. The next question is…where? Today, the Vikings beat the 49ers to advance to the NFC Championship. The final score was 27 to 10. The Vikings win sets Seattle as a possible host of the NFC Championship game, but only if they beat the Packers tomorrow. So, we will see, we’re keeping our fingers crossed. Go Hawks!

It’s odd because they got the score right and both highlights they feature are of 49ers touchdowns, so you’d think someone would have put two-and-two together. But perhaps, at the moment, it was too late to turn back once it was already happening. That’s live TV for you.

Still, a good effort by the official TV partner of the Seattle Seahawks to will a Seattle-hosted NFC Championship into existence. However, local news reporting be damned, it’s not gonna happen this year.

[Nick Wagoner]

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