John Donnelly, a reporter with Fox 26 in Houston, was just trying to put together a simple story about road rage when he came across a tall, extremely buff man in a tank top.

Donnelly asked the guy his thoughts about road rage and got a pretty standard response about how you never know what’s gonna happen on the road.

Then he asked the man’s name:

“Adrian Peterson.”

*awkward pause*

“Wait a minute.”

*another awkward pause*

“You’re not…?”


Donnelly posted the clip on Facebook, with the caption “Here I am interviewing people on the street and not realizing I’d stopped a celebrity. Enjoy the awkwardness!”

You have to wonder why Peterson thought this reporter was approaching him. The running back was released Tuesday, so there would have been plenty of football-related stuff to talk about (though we don’t know exactly when the interview was conducted). But instead, it was just a dopey question about road rage.

Regardless, it was kind of Peterson to stop and grant an interview. You can only imagine what was going through his mind when Donnelly asked for his name.

Donnelly also posted a photo on Facebook of himself and Peterson, writing “That moment when you are doing man in the street interviews and you run in to a celebrity. @adrianpeterson was so gracious. I’m even more of a fan now!”

We’ve seen accidental celebrity athlete interviews before, but none will ever beat when a local news station in Washington D.C. asked Alexander Ovechkin about the snow while he was pumping gas and he said, “We’re from Russia, so we always have that kind of stuff.”

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