Sometimes, the “man on the street” interview leads to some surprising subjects, and sometimes they’re even famous hockey players. That’s what happened to reporter Ellison Barber of D.C. CBS affiliate WUSA9, who was looking to talk to people getting gas ahead of the blizzard, and wound up interviewing Washington Capitals’ star sniper Alex Ovechkin:

Here’s WUSA9’s full story on it, which includes that Ovechkin’s preparing to help his neighbors by clearing their driveways with his snowplow:

This is the second time in a couple of weeks that Ovechkin’s been prominent for everyday activities, as there also were plenty of stories on him buying Powerball tickets.

Good for Ovechkin for being game for an interview here (and to Barber’s credit, she immediately recognized him, so this wasn’t a “celebrity interviewed by unaware reporter” moment), and his response about the snow is pretty great: “We’re from Russia, so we always have that kind of stuff.”

Fortunately, Ovechkin won’t have to play a game tonight. The NHL decided (very belatedly) to postpone Washington’s game against Anaheim thanks to the snow, which has prompted a rare closure of the D.C. transit system and plenty of other emergency measures. It sounds like Ovechkin is prepared for it, though. Maybe he really does live up to that “Snovechkin” nickname

[Russian Machine Never Breaks]

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